Salt recovery units

If you quench with salt then you should take a look at our VH range. This is our range of salt recovery units for recovering your quench salt, whilst simultaneously disposing of your washing water. In this way we not only save you disposal costs, we also facilitate the reuse of your clean quench salt. This is not only good for your wallet, but also makes a contribution to protecting our environment at the same time.


Characteristics of the SRU

  • Recovery of 100 % water free clean quench salt
  • Carbonates and other impurities are removed from the salt and collected in the SRU
  • Washing water is cleaned and is nearly salt free


Costs Savings and Environmental Advantages

  • Eliminates the disposal costs for contaminated waste water
  • Recovered Salt is reusable for quenching reducing raw material cost
  • Condensate or water recovered is environmentally clean and reusable
  • Extremely low energy consumption due to heat recovery system
  • No air pollution



  • Easy to clean through front door open access
  • All parts that are in contact with media made of stainless steel
  • Continuous free flow of quench salt, no special pump needed


Operation and Installation

  • Fully automated 24/7 continuous treatment
  • Can be integrated into continuous working heat treatment systems or offline
  • Delivery of fully tested units, ready for connection


Standard sizes

  • SRU 35 with recovery capacity of 35 l/h brine
  • SRU 50 with recovery capacity of 50 l/h brine
  • SRU 80 with recovery capacity of 80 l/h brine


Recovery Options

Depending on the selected options, there are different ways to retrieve the quench salt which is recovered from the washing water:

  • Liquid salt – discharge into collecting tray located under the SRU
  • Liquid salt – heated discharge pipe for liquid redirection into the quenching bath
  • Dry salt – collected in a tray


Further Optional Accessories

  • Enhanced condensate tank with condensate pump
  • Door-switches to switch off the heating when door is opened
  • Measurement and control of salt content in washing water
  • Tanks and intermediate reservoir for brine and condensate


Energy Efficiency

The system is equipped with high efficient heat exchangers, which allow the use of the process heat for pre-heating of the brine. Those heat exchangers in combination with an excellent insulation make it possible to minimize the needed amount of energy for heating of the brine. The overall efficiency and low operating cost to recover salts compared to the disposal of contaminated water and purchase of new salts yields a remarkably short payback period for the capital investment in addition to the environmental advantages for a win-win result!

Example pictures: